Identification of Pewter Tankard

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    I’ve just gained a pewter tankard, I was hoping you may be able to help with the markings?

    Tankard has a maximum height 6.7 inch, volume 1/2L
    Tankard has a 3 hallmarks. They are visible in the photo.
    1) 1/2L
    2) F. KLINT LEER
    3) 8 N.D.B. 36

    Please could you help identify these pewter marks for me? Thank you very much!Ag6oQk6zgfAqgUlILvIcgn5hvOle

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    I’m not familiar with the marks. I would guess it’s around mid 19th century from the capacity mark and hinge.

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      Thanks for the document!
      “What is presumed to be the maker’s mark is on the bottom, consisting of a
      football-shaped touch within which, raised in relief, are “-LINT” (the first
      two letters being too worn to be legible), over a Coronet capped by what looks
      like a five-pointed star, over “LEER.” – I was glad at first, but…. “We can cast no light on the maker or his place of work.” hope faded away((((

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