Identify a small Stein

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    Hi All,

    I recently acquired a small Stein from my grandfather. Height is 95mm (3.7inch).
    I would like to know the background of this item, perhaps someone on this forum can help me out.
    There is one number: 1628, but I have no clue what that could mean.

    Link to image:

    Many thanks!

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    If needed I can make more pictures.

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    Well, the subject is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, which is a not uncommon theme on German, small steins, sometimes called children’s steins.

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    Martyn, has four articles on Kinder mugs, steins, Kinder krugs.

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    Also, the Dec 2007 issue of Prosit has an article on Snow White and photos of a number of steins illustrating the story. One is a full color version with lid of your stein. Note that this is the original Brothers Grimm version of the story, not the modern Disney one. In German she is Schneewittchen. Kinder krug is German for child’s stein.

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    Thanks all for the help.
    I now have an idea what is is.

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      John Piet

      In looking at the Old Stein Manufacturers Catalogs in the Reading Room, I would say that your stein is Marzi & Remy, mold number 1628.

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