Identify and price a stein

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    Paul hamlet

    I have a necks beer stein from my late uncle that I know nothing about and I can only find 1 picture of it it’s a Becks Bier stein very good condition large white porcelain with silver lid and silver round the sides in the lid it says Becks bier Tradition and quality since 1539. Medallion edition of 3950 steins no.1004 The Carolina collection, I would really appreciate it if some one could tell me about it many thanks Paul Hamlet

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    Can’t really say without seeing it but it’s certainly a modern stein and as such isn’t likely to be worth much as far as resale.

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    Check out this LINK. If this is your stein, it will give you an idea of its value.

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    Serena Velin

    Hi, I found an old (as in 20th Century old) stein that appears to be made possibly as early as the 20s or as late as the 50s. It is a Loreley Stein from that region of Germany, and has a young maiden playing the harp on a cliffside, overlooking men boating below. In the distance there are castles. It also has decorative grapes on the front. It is beautifully painted in many colors with a black background, green mountains, blue water, and the lady playing the harp is in a purple gown with blonde hair. It also says Rheinstein on the mug, and there are lyrics to the song loreley: Ich glaube die wellen verschlingen Am Ende Schiffer und Kahn
    Und das hat mire ihrem singen Die Loreley getan. Germany is stamped on the bottom. The top is decorative pewter that is tarnished. The handle looks kind of like a tree branch, with grooves, with grapes at what looks to be the top. Can you tell me anything about this Stein? It’s very colorful and lovely but there is no year to label it.

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    Please post photos of the front, sides, and bottom. Otherwise you’ll only get guesses, if anything.

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    Nick Griffin
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