Identify T Maddocks Football Stein

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    Hoping someone can identify what T Maddocks Stein this is. Thanks for your time and help

    T Maddocks Stein

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    t Maddocks

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    I cannot get a pic to load. It is a 1905 that has a flag wit a “M” on it. I found through google/worthpoint that was labeled a Michigan. But wanted to be sure. Thanks for your help and time.

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      Ron Gray

      I agree with John, it is not Michigan. Maine is a possibility, but they list three colors – dark blue, light blue and white. John Lamb wrote an article on the Maddock football steins, but did not list Maine or your pennant mug. If you are an SCI member, you should contact him.

      BTW, your photos do work if you click on them and load them on a new page.

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    John Piet

    The colors on the pennant look like blue and white to me. Michigans colors are blue and yellow. Could it represent the University of Maine?

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