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    I’m looking for any information any of you could provide on the following 3 Steins I recently acquired at auction (see link below, lot #27). Thank you.—december-1-15–2017/


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    Well, my newly acquired steins are lovely to look at, but really hoping to use them soon. Not sure about best way to care for and wash them. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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    This site and many of the links have a lot of information on steins. You should use them. The care information includes basically just rinsing them in lukewarm water rather than using anything hot or harsh. If you can’t find a stein described anywhere, post links to online photos of the top, bottom (!), both sides, and any numbers or trademarks you see and someone here might help. They look like nice steins from the group shot, especially the one on the left.

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    Thanks for your response. No visible trademarks except for the “1516” & “Germany” on the stein to the left. I also thought of visiting the local German club.

    Have a great New Year!!

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      The 1516 mold was made by Reinhold Hanke.

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      John Piet

      A local German club will not be able to tell you much about your steins. I would suggest contacted an SCI chapter in you area and bring your steins to one of their meetings.

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