Inherited steins

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    William A.

    Hello everyone. Please pardon me if I’m posting this on the wrong part of the website. It’s my first visit here and I have a conundrum I’m hoping any number of you folks could help me out with.

    My Mother passed away in April 2019 and Father in January 2020, leaving to us three children his entire beer stein collection as part of the estate. My Sister and I have been numbering and photographing each one in order to try and sell them. We’re being told by collectors we’ve contacted in newspaper ads or online that the market is “down”. Our best offer has been $2.00 USD per stein, but I feel that is a sacrilege to Father’s legacy – one that we’re basically giving away. He researched all his steins for their value and we’ve taken photo’s for some that he values at as much as $200.00 USD.

    Now, none of us want to get rich on Dad’s collection, but we don’t want to keep them around as none of us are aficionado’s of beer stein collecting and space is very limited. He didn’t display them. He just stored them safely. I have all the pictures on my computer and I could easily home-produce a catalog of the entire collection.

    My reason for posting this message is to gain some advice from you folks as to ways I can move the collection and get a price for them that is both fair to Dad and to the buyer, but better than a “one-price-for-all” that would feel like we’re slapping Dad in the face if we agree to it. Thank you.

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    Hi William. Selling an entire collection is difficult, unless it contains steins that collectors would fight over. Best bet to get fair advice is to post pictures publicly. If you are unable to post them into this forum, select a few choice ones and send them to the webmaster of this site who will post them for you.


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      William A.

      Thank you so very much for your advice Walter. I have pictures of all 412 of them to choose from.

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