Inherited Steins

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    I’ve recently inherited approximately 50 German Steins from my wife father who passed away. He has been collecting these for 30 plus years. Wondering what the best way is to find the values and best way to market them for sale.

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    Bill G

    Scott, where are you located? If there is a SCI chapter nearby a member might be willing to take a look at them and advise you.

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    Here are some links to information that might help you identify what you have:

    Collecting beer steins:

    Anatomy of a beer stein:

    SCI Reading Room “Library”:

    Stein Marks:

    Antique Beer Stein Prices

    Beer Stein Library

    If you need further assistance please ask. I’ll be glad to help.


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      Thanks for the information. I am located in Salt Lake City, Utah

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    I am in Dallas Tx and came across a German stein that was made in Western Germany, per the sticker on the bottom. There are no other identifiable markings on the bottom. I just would like to know if there is a steinologist in Dallas that I could contact to see the value.

    It has soldiers in different color uniforms painted on the sides and the handle has 1840 painted on it. The stein has a seemingly pewter lid on the top. Thank you


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    In general, if you want information about a stein start a new thread and include a photo of the stein (or more).
    However, as your stein was marked Western Germany, it was made in the 1970’s. Also, it does not have a manufacturer’s mark it was not one of the better known brands. That’s about all there is to say about it, although the soldiers’ uniforms would be something to talk about if there were good photos. It is not worth much though. Check out similar items on ebay for reference.

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    Can you send photos of the steins to

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