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    I have a nicely painted dancing peasants stein (I think an HR Stein) that has an interesting inscription on pewter lid (which may be “married to stein at later time).

    It reads:

    Zur Erinnerung Professor Franz von Deffregger Meinem Freunde Oskar Niedt Franz Gutte Hof i/ Beyern

    which translates to:

    To the memory of Professor Franz von Defregger My friend Oskar Niedt Franz Gutte Hof i/ Beyern

    The top has two tiers with finial on top of that. Around lid if reads: Malz & Hop Fen Gibt Gute Tropfen.

    An ornate figural thumblift has the interweaving initials O N engraved on it.

    Was it common in the day to present such gifts to famous teachers?

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    All the peasants dancing steins are based on a painting by Hans Sebald Beham (1500-1550). That wouldn’t seem to be an appropriate gift for Defregger. Defregger taught at The Munich Art Academy from 1878 to 1910. Anybody could do the engraving at anytime after it was made. To be worth anything you will need more proof.

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