King Werk BMW Motorrad 10-yr limited ed series

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    David Davis

    BMW / King Werk had announced back in 2015 a 10 year series of collectable motorcycle steins, only 3 released so far and I’ve bought all 3 but it seems to have stopped or at least paused. Anyone heard anything about that?

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    The King Werk catalog only shows one relief Biker stein, Born to Ride on page 73. Stein-Man shows three Biker Character steins, Biker Babe, Biker Bob and Biker Eagle. I believe these are the ones you are referring to. I suggest you contact and ask them what happened to the series. That one may have been started by M. Cornell Importers and they may have lost interest. If they were the source you could contact them too.

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      The third BMW Motorrad stein is on ebay now. It says it was issued in 2017. I haven’t seen any listed since then. You should check with King-Werk to see if the ceased production.

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