Large Steins 3L and up.

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    I know most large steins were used as gifts but were the larger ones used for decorative purposes and other purposes? I recently purchased a 3L stein that appears to be prior to the word wars and it just stirred up some questions. My family lives in Germany and my grandfather and father (in-laws) have told me stories how their dad’s use to use the larger steins or pitchers to get beer form the local brewery or Zoigl. They have told me that it was common practice for breweries to fill them up for customers to take home, kind of like the growlers of our day. Was this the most common use for them? It seems a pitcher would be better than a typical stein. Anyways, thanks for reading this long post.

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    Sorry for the typos, I used my phone and auto correct seems to find away to get you every once and a while.

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      I would think the most common use would be as pouring pitchers in their home. A stein full of beer would not be a practical way to transport beer from the bar to your home unless it was really close. Three liters of water would weigh about 6.6 pounds and the stein could add another five or six pounds. It wouldn’t be that easy to carry either. I think they could find something cheaper and more convenient to transport their beer back home. And if you weren’t sober, forget it.


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    I agree with your observations. Additionally, there are stein art examples of “Kellnerin” serving from large steins, as well as the examples of the formidable ladies of Oktoberfest carrying 5 or 6 Mass in each hand over relatively short distances. I also think that, beyond a certain size, use other than decorative was not contemplated. I have a large Mettlach Rodenstein that I purchased missing the thumblift. The only other example that I have seen in person had the same defect. With a heavy lid and spindly thumblift design, I don’t think that regular use of the lid was expected. The stein body also lacks a spout.

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    Joe Haedtke


    I assumed that most where only intended to be decorative pieces, like in a Gasthaus or Brauerei and ones with a spout where more or less for pouring Vs. the large steins without one. Below our pictures of the stein I am speaking about. I know this one was not for pouring. I am also unsure if I misjudged the age or not, I couldn’t see the bottom so I am unsure of the maker. I guess I’ll have to wait until it gets here.



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    Lets try this again, Below are the pictures.


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    lyn ayers

    Joe, there is another use for many steins whether large like yours or smaller down to maybe 1/2L. A lot of these were given as presentation pieces or souvenirs. I have a 20 Liter JW Remy that was a presentation piece to a New York brewery owner dated around 1895. It is so large & heavy there is no way one would want to carry it filled with beer (or any other liquid.)
    Specifically on your pictured stein, does it have any initials on the body like KB or GK? If so, it would likely be be Girmscheid.

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    Thanks for your reply. I assume it is from Girmscheid because of the handle and the capacity markings. It’s still in the mail (I got it off of, hopefully I will get it before the month is over. I remember as a young PVT stationed in Bamberg we use to visit a bar that had a three liter stein. We use to all take turns drinking out of it while the rest helped old it up .. good times. Germany is a wonderful place.

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