Lid identification….Merkelbach & Wick

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    Never seen this type of lid before. I believe the metal is tin (light weight). Stein base is a Merkelbach & Wick between 1880 – 1921. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    Side view
    close up
    side top
    inside lid
    base view

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    This is a M&W 1709, a “various subjects” stein. I have a 1709 with a similar lid. Mine looks to have been silver plate over pewter with most of the silver place worn off.

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    This lid is not (silver-plated) pewter, since the pewter could not be worked to this light weight (thin). It is silver, and the relief design is executed in repoussé. One way to quickly identify silver lids is by the strap attachment Рpewter straps are poured in place, a process which cannot be used for silver, so the (lid and) straps are formed separately and then attached with a fastener (see the machine screw to the left of the thumblift which holds the entire ild in place. Adding to the understanding of this lid is the hint of gold on the interior Рsilver lids were most often gold gilded on the inside so they would not tarnish.

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    Thanks for the information. So is the lid made in Germany?

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      Almost certainly. You can confirm that if you find any marks, and it appears that there may be a mark on the right side of the tang. Don’t be afraid to use a little silver polish (best would be a silver polish cloth) to clean that area.

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