Lithophane US Navy Shield, Admiral Dewey?

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    I have searched and searched to no avail. This is a lithophane stein with an apparent military officer on the bottom. My first thought was Admiral Dewey… The front features the typical US Navy Eagle/shield/anchors. The top is a crossed shield and cannon which is unfamiliar to me. The height is about 5″ from bottom to the top of the lid. Base diameter is 3-3/8 and it measures about 3-3/4″ at the widest. Any pointers on this one would be greatly appreciated!

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    Images are funky, let’s try that again…

    IMG-7786 IMG-7787 IMG-7788 IMG-7789 IMG-7790 IMG-7791 IMG-7792

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      Ron Gray


      I have one too. I believe it is Dewey. There may be an article on it, but I haven’t found it yet. It was probably shown in one of the Ron Gox Photos from the Road. This is from an unknown German porcelain maker for the U.S. market.

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      I think I recall an article mentioning this might be an American made stein. I will have to do more research.

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      I did find an article on that stein. See The Cuban Connection in the March 2013 issue of Prosit. There were three different lithophanes for this stein.LT Hobson who led seven men in trying to scuttle the USS Merrimac in the harbor entrance appears in one version of the stein. Another version shows General Nelson A. Miles, Commanding General of the U.S. Army. The third version, which we both have, shows General Shafter who commanded the troops attacking Santiago.

      I still recall reading somewhere that this stein might have been made in the U.S. I will continue my search.

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      What I found was a newspaper article from 1952 saying a porcelain naval stein (tall, white with blue and black lid shaped like an officer’s cap) had a mark of the Phoenix Pottery Company. I am trying to confirm that with the Phoenixville Historical Society.

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    Thank you very much for your replies and the great information! My apologies for the late replies. I recently moved and only now feel myself settling in. I’ll definitely be scouring the net based on your research. If I find any additional information I’ll post it here. Thank you again!


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