Looking for help dating Gerz item in online catalog

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    Peter Stoller

    Greetings, SteinTalkers!

    I have recently purchased the following item:


    Now, this is clearly not a stein. However, the mark and model number led me to page 011 of the first of the two Simon Peter Gerz I catalogs posted in the Reading Room here at Stein-Collectors. Alas, the catalog is undated. However, the design is in keeping with the Weiner Werkstätte, Art Deco, and Bauhaus, which along with the mark date it c. 1905–1930. I’d like to date it more precisely, and also identify the artist whose signature appears on the bottom of the item. Might anyone here be able to help me out?



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    It does say the catalog is from the late 19th Century. I don’t see anything on page 11 that is even close to the design or mold number. SteinMarks dates that mark to circa 1936. I don’t think you are going to get it any closer than that. I am not sure of his source for that date.

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    Peter Stoller

    Hi, Ron!

    Thanks for your feedback. I suspect you were looking at a different catalog. The one I’m talking about is here:


    You can see my item—a butter dish—quite clearly on the bottom row, third from the left.

    Your comment prompted a little more digging, leading me this entry (based on the same catalog) at MySteinCollection:


    MSC places the production at 1910–1930. While I don’t know where they get that date, it is in keeping with the design, which, while seemingly innocuous today, would have been denounced as degenerate art in Nazi Germany. Gerz may have used that mark in 1936, but producing this butter dish or catalog in that year would have been virtually, if not literally, suicidal.

    Also, the Museum of European Ceramic Arts says that this mark was in use prior to 1930:


    My guess is the 1936 date comes from an item with that mark that has otherwise been dated from 1936. When the mark was first used, I still don’t know.

    Still no clue as to the artist…



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      I stopped at the first Gerz catalog. I don’t know why they put the other group at the bottom. Did you try contacting the MSC site?

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    Peter Stoller


    Not yet. Figured I’d start here first, because this is where I found the catalog. I emailed Walt, thinking he might know a hard date for the catalog; he didn’t, and suggested I ask in the forum. I felt a bit like an intruder asking a non-stein-related question, but then I figured anything we uncovered about the SPG catalog and mark would be useful to stein collectors.

    There doesn’t seem to be much info online, apart from this and a couple of other sites dedicated to stein collection. That surprises me, given the apparent significance of Westerwald pottery.


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      There are no books on Gerz. One was planned, but never came to be.

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