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    Andrew Smith

    I’m looking for information on a pair of Glass Beer Steins. They were bought separately but are obviously a set. They are a female (corset) and male (lederhosen) design. The front has a variety of flags and reads “Germany” and “Deutschland.” The only other markings are the manufacturer, SQMP, on the base.

    Any information you could give me would help. Even better, if anyone could point me towards an official description. Thanks

    Pair of Glass Steins

    Emblem Close Up

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    Andrew Smith

    Sorry – SQHM (I know that’s SAHM but I’m still unable to find these same glasses)

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    Your photos are not working. Are these the glass mugs, ttps://www.germansteins.com/brands/Sahm.html. If so, you should try contacting Sahm with your questions.

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    I followed the link. Looks like the same two glasses. They must have contract printed the German emblem

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    Here is the correct URL: https://www.germansteins.com/brands/Sahm.html. The female mug is a drindl rather than a corset. You can customize your mug with laser engraving.

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    Cheers. And thanks for your help

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