Looking for the value for a Thewalt Stein

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    Bill Baker

    <img src=”https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/11QvEHiGtUJgcliAA9WL3Vu5gE7Hkqv3L” alt=”Thewalt Beer Stein, 27″ to top of cap, 24″ to top rim of the stein” /

    I obtained this directly from Thewalt in about 1976 while in West Germany. I am hoping someone can assist me with a current value. There is a crack in the glaze on the inside of the stein, otherwise there are no chips or scratches on it anywhere else.

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    We can’t view your photos unless you give us permission.

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    Bill Baker

    The photos have been unlocked. Sorry

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      This stein or pouring pitcher is not listed in the Thewalt catalog on The Beer Stein Library. I do have a newer Thewalt catalog that shows this stein. It also came in a version with a false bottom so a music box could be attached. The only information listed is that this and other steins shown with it are based on Franz von Defregger (1835-1921) paintings. I have a book of his paintings, but that one is not listed and I could not locate it on the Internet. Thewalt mold 1071 has the same scene and does appear in the Thewalt catalog in The Beer Stein Library. I have e-mailed Albert Thewalt to find the mold title of that stein.

      I would judge your stein to be a 3,0 or 4,0 L stein. You can calculate the approximate capacity online by taking the inside measurements of the depth and width. Since the stein is conical, you will need both the top and bottom widths and use their average to reduce the stein to a cylinder shape.

      You stein is a made of pottery in relief. The verse on the stein is “Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalt’s.” (Hops and malt, may God preserve them.) This is a common phrase found on many different steins. Your stein was made post-WWII in Western Germany.

      The Beer Stein Library lists the range for antique Thewalt relief steins as $150 to $225 for 3,0 L steins and $200 to $300 for 4,0 L steins in mint condition. Since your stein is not an antique (circa 1900 version), you should not expect more than half those values or less because of the condition of the inside of the stein. Furthermore, keep in mind that those values listed in The Beer Stein Library are based on ranges in a beer stein auction. About 1/3 of that price goes to the auction company. Unless you have unusual interest in your stein, you would receive even less in a private sale on a sale on ebay.

      I will let you know if I hear back from Albert Thewalt.

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    Bill Baker

    Thanks very much for your effort and information. I look forward to hearing what more you find out.


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