Looking to identify manufacturer/year of German Stein Part1

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    Jay Richards

    Looking to identify manufacturer/year of German Stein: There is a number imprinted towards top near pewter ‘051’


    German Stein 1

    Stein 2

    Stein 3

    Stein 4

    Stein 5

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    Jay Richards


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    The number near the top by the handle is the capacity, 1/2 liter.
    The stein was made by Eckhardt & Engler. They originally marketed the Rosskopf und Gerz steins but got into manufacturing and bought their molds when they went out of business. I couldn’t find this mold in a catalog, so it may be an E&E mold. This is a common, souvenir type of mold. The sayiing is “Auf der Alm da ist es schön.” (On the Alpine meadow it is beautiful.) What is the scene on the front of the stein? Since it doesn’t say W. Germany, it may have been made prior to WWII, although it does look newer. E&E closed in 1971.

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    Stein 333


    Here is the pic of the scene

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    Thanks Ron for your insight. Very interesting. So is this stein worth anything?

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      The scene is The Zither Player by Franz Defregger (1835-1921).

      The modern, relief souvenir steins are not generally collectibles. When they do sell, it is around $20 at most. The problem is finding a buyer in the right venue. If you sell it on ebay, the shipping will be $12 to $15. Not many people would be willing to pay that much for a low priced item.

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    It’s a decorative item.

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      Hi Ron,

      Thanks for the info! I’m not interested in selling them since they are not actually collectible. They were just passed down to me from great grandfather. Good info you provided though. TY

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