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    Austin Stewart

    Hello, this was my first stein purchase… my grandfather has a collection and I am looking to start my own. I found a stein today at an antique store, with the lyrics ‘Mädel ruck ruck ruck an meine grüne Seite’ at the bottom, and a scene of a man and woman dancing. The markings on the bottom on say Made in Germany in a half circle and the number 5. Did I purchase a reproduction?

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    Bill G

    Austin, it’s hard to know without seeing it. Can you post a photo? The number 5 as a mold number doesn’t match anything in the Beer Stein Library, but that doesn’t mean it’s a reproduction.

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    Austin Stewart

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    Austin Stewart

    Sorry the link didnt work in the last post http://imgur.com/a/Eah4B

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    Bill G

    Austin, I wouldn’t call your stein a reproduction. I do believe it was made after WWII, which was well after the “Golden Age” of steins. I can’t recognize a maker. Let us know how much you paid for your stein and someone could say whether or not you got a reasonable price. At any rate, congratulations for starting your collection!

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      I would not mention what you paid for your stein. It is not the intent of this forum to determine whether or not you got a good or bad deal on the stein. You bought the stein because you liked it and thought the price was acceptable. At your stage of stein collecting, you should not worry whether your stein is a reproduction. Five inexpensive steins sitting on a shelf is impressive to most people. Join SCI and the Beer Stein Library and join a local SCI chapter. Get some knowledge about
      steins and what kind you really want to collect before paying out more than $50 for a stein.

      You can find your stein on ebay. item number 252240400879 Follow this auction and you will get an idea of the value and desirability of your stein.

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    Austin Stewart

    Awesome thank you so much for the info! I paid $28 for it so i think i got a good deal. I will definately join up SCI though!

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