Manufacturer's of German Regimental steins

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    Mark Davis

    I have just started to collect German Regimental steins and would like to know how to find out who made the stein. Is or was there a major manufacturer of the regimentals and what, if any, is the mark for the company?
    Thank you

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    Have you joined SCI yet? There are a lot of collectors of reservist steins and you need to know a lot of information so you can spot an original from a reproduction. Most of the these steins are porcelain, so they usually are not maeked by the manufacturer. They were generally sold to decorators who decorated them for the soldiers. Sometimes they put their names on the steins. There are several good books available on reservist steins that you should have for reference.

    If you go to The Beer Stein Library (under Reading section) you can search the term “reservist” and get a list of manufacturers that made ceramic steins for reservists. If they don’t have the manufacturers’ mark, they most likely will have the mold number for identification.

    I hope this helps and do join SCI. Have fun collecting.

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