Markings on underside of Mettlach straps

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    I have noticed that many of my Mettlach steins have raised letters on the underside of the strap around the handle. I have yet to find those markings on any other steins except Mettlach. Has any one else noticed this ?


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    Walter Vogdes

    Are the letters legible?

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    Walt, Some are hard to make out but others are easy to see. All are raised letters and not incised in. Here are 3 different ones.!Aphkw4FFhf27iEhW9friATZLw0pD!Aphkw4FFhf27iEqi6al4je4uGha9!Aphkw4FFhf27iEvUFyu41nKWSH8D

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    Walter Vogdes

    I don’t have a lot of Mettlachs, but I did find one K and one boxy looking mark which I can’t relate to character(s). I’m not aware if this observation has ever been made before.

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    I first thought it was just on insert lids but over half my tapestries have a mark. As I said before, I have yet to find a non Mettlach with the markings.

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    Eric Brown

    I’ve noticed those marks and have always thought they were left by the pewterer to mark his work. 1/2L tapestries and other 1/2L etched pieces on my shelves have the following letters on the underside of the strap: A, K, C. Each mark appears to have been from a stamp in the leather molding strapping, leaving an embossed letter.
    One stein i owned had a K that looked as if it was carved in the leather strap with a knife in three short incisions.

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    I agree that they are pewterer marks, but it is strange that only Mettlach pewterers used them.

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