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    Ron Gray

    The May 2015 Featured Stein is my copyrighted article. It was illegally published on this web site without my knowledge or permission. It was originally offered as an article with the understanding I would have the right to review and approve it before it was published. That did not happen and the former web master could not figure out how to publish the article or make it available for my review. In frustration, I withdrew my permission when I found out the web site manager quit and I wanted to seek other means of making it available to those that might care. Please remove it as you do not have permission to use it.

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    Ron Gray

    I suppose some of you are wondering what is going on, me too. Apparently it is asking too much for an apology and explanation from the higher ups so I will provide my own explanation.
    1. Last year when we still had our old domain name and we were getting more questions on SteinTalk, I became aware of an interesting stein. I eventually bought it on ebay, researched it and wrote an article about it.

    2. I was proud of what I had found and wanted to share it with my fellow collectors. I offered it to the new web master in late March 2015 as the April 2015 Featured Stein. I only had two requirements. First, it had to show my copyright to protect me from someone revising the article and using it for their own purposes. Second, I requested that I be able to review the article before it went on the website to ensure it was formatted properly and was free of errors. I don’t think either was an unreasonable request.

    3. I wasn’t expecting the article to up by April 1st as Casey, the new webmaster, would need time to reformat it for the web site. Then I got two e-mails from SCI members asking me if I knew my article was on the SCI web site in its Word format. Sure enough it was posted without my knowledge or approval. I asked Casey what was going on and why wasn’t I given the opportunity to review. He assured me it was not on the web site. If I was seeing things, then two other people were seeing them too. Nevertheless, I went back and checked again, it was posted on the web site. I informed Casey again. Finally, he acknowledged he had no idea that it got posted. I presume he gave it to the Host for posting and that is exactly what he did.

    4. I waited and waited for the article to be reformatted and posted on a private page. Near the end of April Casey admitted it wasn’t going to get done in time for April and elected to post his featured stein article. He promised to do my article in May.

    5. In May I finally got a private page with my reformatted article. It had several errors and was missing some information. I gave Casey a list of edits.

    6. A couple of weeks into May I asked Casey what progress he was making. He informed me he had a mild heart attack but would get back to the article the following week.

    7. I then received an e-mail informing me that Casey had resigned and that SCI was looking for a new webmaster. They then said they had a volunteer step forward.

    8. Nothing happened, so out of frustration I e-mailed a letter to the webmasters address on 05/26/15 withdrawing my article while I searched for a new venue to publish my article.

    9. Another e-mail forwarded to me said another volunteer would be taking over as webmaster. Several days later, much to my surprise, my supposed May Featured Stein article suddenly appeared on the SCI web site in late June. The article was the draft Casey was working on and contained errors and was incomplete. I immediately sent an e-mail to the webmaster Monday night, 06/22/15 asking that it be removed.

    10. It was still there Tuesday morning, 06/23/15, so I sent another e-mail to the webmaster.

    11. When it wasn’t removed by 5:00 pm that Tuesday, I sent an e-mail to the Executive Director asking for it to be removed. It eventually was removed.

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    No one cares as much as you do.

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      Some people do care, there just isn’t enough of them.

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    They are working to correct things, everyone give them some support.

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    I enjoy this forum but I can’t stand the complaining. I’m really not sure what the big deal is. It is a stein article not a dissertation.

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      Do you really want to read articles with errors and misinformation. SCI was formed to advance the knowledge and appreciation of beer steins. Once misinformation is in print, it is hard to undo. We still have people crediting the “TP” mark to Paulus and Thewalt rather than Johann Peter Thewalt. The Gerz 32L stein is still being billed as the world’s largest even though Girmscheid had, and still has, a 39L stein. And speaking of the Gerz 32L stein, the scene depicted on it is still being credited to the wrong artist and the wrong painting. Now we have a Featured Stein article that would have us believe that the red on a Mettlach stein is “Renaissance Red” when if fact they got that name from a modern name of wallpaper found on the Internet. That is why articles need to be carefully researched and proofed before publishing.

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    Steve Breuning

    Ron – I don’t know if all the final edits were included but I did enjoy your article very much.

    Chris – I agree.

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    Between this and the 2016 Convention issue I think I’m going to go have a beer.

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    My best wishes to Casey and thanks for his investment of time and energy.

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    Please note I am not the Chris commenting here.
    Chris Wheeler

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