"Mettlach Era"

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    Ken S.

    There is a seller on Ebay who lists steins as being from the “Mettlach Era”. I have not heard this term before to denote a period of time in stein production, has anyone else? If so, what period of time would this term define?

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    Ken –

    I think the seller is just trying to get the word “Mettlach” into the search results.

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    He’s basically saying it’s from roughly late 1800s to the early 1900s, pre-WW1. At least that would be my guess.

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    Bill G

    I’ve seen the lists, too. I agree with the other repliers. There is no “official ‘Mettlach Era'”, but many collectors might be interested in these steins also.

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    I’m familiar with it, I’m sure he does it so that people searching on Mettlach will bring his listings up. It irritates me enough that I don’t buy from him.

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