Military Stein – Pre WW2

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    Linking a stein I picked up on E-Bay cheap. I have no problem with the stein itself which is obviously 100 percent authentic. I’m questioning the lid though. Kirsner’s reference shows this stein with a flat lid with a German helmet.

    Despite that, when you look at the images it is clear that the lid is very old…and probably original (at least in my opinion.) There is a chance that the lid was replaced to get rid of the helmet with a swastika…but I believe this is a Weimar-Era stein that was sold prior to the flat-lid Nazi-helmet stein. Thoughts?


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    Lyn Ayers

    I am not an authority on WW2 steins, but since there are no swastikas in the picture, I would agree it pre-dates Nazi Germany, or at least early times.
    The color of the pewter at the handle attachment looks like it could have been replaced at some time, but it is difficult to tell from a photo. The dirt around the handle attachment looks old and is consistent with the rest of the stein. The stein iteself looks like it was made by Marzi & Remy.

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