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    I recently picked up another couple of Steins, I found the identification of one myself which is here:
    I was wondering if anyone knew an approx. age for this at all?

    Another one I have is very apparently more modern (almost embarrassingly so) but I just liked it so I couldn’t pass it up! Any details on this one would be greatly appreciated as it has no markings either but it does have weird holes in the bottom!

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    Take a look at the others you have… Do they look like this one? Are the lids shiny? What about the decoration on the body. Are they similar? At this point your probably saying no. The prior ones look older… This one is from the 1980s ish and does not hold any particular value.

    Here’s a great article about collecting beer steins.


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      Thanks for that link! I’ll have a read through! Just to re-iterate, I knew the latter one wasn’t much of anything I was more intrigued!

      Obviously the former I have (the linked page) is a little older, to me it seems likely 1890-1910, would this assumption be correct do you know?

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    Your first stein would fall into Diesinger’s early period (ref. Frank Loevi’s article “Identifying and Dating Diesinger Steins”). This would date it to 1890 – 1893.


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