Musical beer stein from Japan

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    Hi all.
    I am not interested in the value of my stein, but a little information about the history and possible age. I’m taking it that there’s no real significance as the only mark on the bottom simply says Japan so it must be fairly “new”. It plays music and the bottom of course has a timber panel on it. Is this just another example of mass production in Japan before everything seemed to be mass produced in China? What is the significance of the music box being included? Can anyone help me please?
    Many thanks in advance!

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    I have no idea as to the the history or age of your alleged beer stein we can’t see, but some people do like music when the drink.

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    Music boxes have been installed in the bases of a small percentage of 19th/20th century steins in Germany. The Germans and the Swiss are the most skilled makers of these devices. It’s a little surprising that the Japanese would produce a stein with music box, because that involved extra effort and cost for something that they were basically copying for mass production. I’m not aware of any modern Japanese steins that hae appeal to collectors. If you like it for its style or decoration, or enjoy the music, then enjoy it for those reasons.

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