Musterschutz Miniature Stein

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    Melissa Lucas


    I just bought a lot of pretty basic german steins, and in it I found a miniature salt glazed stein with a Musterschutz stamp on the bottom. I cannot find any information anywhere about when this may have been manufactured. It’s about three inches tall with a pewter lid. It’s very similar, if not identical to the photo in this link.

    If anyone can provide any insight into when this may have been manufactured, I’d be thrilled.

    Thanks so much for any assistance!


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    Duemler & Breiden made some miniature steins. The first ten molds and mold 606 were miniature molds, perhaps used for doll houses or salesmen’s samples. The firm sometimes used Musterschutz on its steins. You can view the D&B catalog in The Beer Stein Library (go to the Reading section).These would probably date circa 1900. Pictures would help. I presume you might have three Landsknechts on your stein. That would also be a good term to search.

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      I’m circling back to this, as I’ve still had very little luck finding any info on my own. If anyone has any thoughts I’d love to hear. Thank you!

      Mini Stein 1

      Mini Stein 2

      Mini Stein 3

      Mini Stein 4

      Mini Stein 5

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    This is so helpful. I’ll definitively do some searching and report back. I really appreciate your time. Thanks so much!

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