Neat collection – is any of it valuable?

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    Greg Danielewicz

    Received this set of German steins. I know two are at least from Germany. The others don’t have anything on the bottom. I listed them for sale on marketplace but am curious if any are worth anything. They were a relatives.

    Steins for Sale

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    Are you asking $1,234 or %100 for the five steins? You will need to provide more information on the steins – condition, size, mold number, maker’s mark, etc. If mint and antique (circa 1900), $100 is low and $1,234 is too high.

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    Greg Danielewicz

    Stein collection

    More photos but I’m seeing Albert Jacob thewalt and gesutwitz etc.

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      Your photo link doesn’t work.

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      Greg Danielewicz
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      DRGM is a Diesinger stein, probably the Courting couple. The fox on a table with the dog on the floor is probably A J Thewalt mold 424, Hunters with fox. You can view catalogs in The Beer Stein Library listed under Reading.

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      Greg Danielewicz

      Love it. Can’t wait to learn more. Thank you!!!

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    Gesetzlich Geschützt means that the design is copyrighted, it’s not a manufacturer.

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