Need help identifying several steins

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    I have several beer steins from my late great uncle’s collection. I am seeking help identifying if they have any value or are just collectors items. He served in Germany during WWII and most likely brought them home with him then. There are five in total and photographs can be seen in the drop box link below. Thank you in advance for any insight you can offer.

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    These are all common, mass-produced souvenir steins. Most seem to be post-WWII. If you sold them on ebay, their value wouldn’t be much higher than the shipping.

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    Note that while they are real German steins, they are from the 70’s, roughly, not during or immediately after WWII. They are better than many steins sold in thrift shops and “shabby antique” stores and would sell for $20-30 apiece by such a place. There is lots of competition on Ebay, and as Ron has indicated the shipping cost is a painful factor for the lower end steins. But you should look on ebay to see what you could reasonably ask. The ones with a triangle and T mark are by Thewalt. The one saying King is by that well known maker.

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      Thank you both for the response. Would certainly want them to go to a good home.

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