Need Help with "Bell Lidded" Mettlach Stein 1266

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    Hey folks!

    I recently picked up a Mettlach stein #1266 but instead of an inlaid lid as shown in the Mettlach Book, it has a working bell. It appears it was made this way, and the pewter rim and lift work look like they were done at the factory.

    Has anyone seen this or other steins with bell lids? Any idea of its value? It is mint, but the bell is unfinished steel showing surface rust (no pitting). I have pictures, but not sure how to attach to this thread.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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    It’s most unlikely that that it came from the V-B factory with that lid. It likely was done later, much later.

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    Thanks for the feedback. The pewter work is really nice. Likely a rare/unique piece even if modified after original production.

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