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    Lynn Hupp

    I have a stein that belonged to my dad from his time in the Army Reserves in Fulda, Germany. It is white, with a COMPANY “B”, 14th CAVALRY logo, an outline of Germany with adjacent countries’ flags around the outline, a FULDA shield and 1955-1956 inscribed on the bottom. My dad’s name and rank are inscribed near the top. The lid of the stein features a tank on the top. When you open the stein and hold it up to the light, there is a cut-out (it’s hard to explain) in the bottom of the stein, of a nude woman, sitting with her legs crossed. I’m curious as to whether this is a collector item or just a memento from his time in the Army. Thank you.

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    Cold War steins such as your dad owned are quite popular. You can find articles on them in the Reading section of this site and in The Beer Stein Library. you can get an idea of value at Your stein has a higher non-monetary value to a family member. The cold war steins and reproduction regimentals with a bump in the handle, tapered body and semi-nude lithophane were most likely made by Gerold Porcelain and sold to decorators as blanks. Lithophanes are only found in porcelain steins. The paste in the bottom is made into different thickness to allow the light to show the picture in the bottom.

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    Lynn Hupp

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate the information.

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