Need source of pewter hinges for joining the bottom and top of stein

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    Jon “maddog” Hall


    i am designing a stein in the shape of the mascot for the Linux kernel project, a penguin called “Tux”. I would like to have the stein made in both liter and half-liter sizes.

    I am planning on having the head of “Tux” fold back as a lid, and I would prefer having the rim of the body and the matching-sized rim of the neck be pewter to protect the surfaces from chipping. Then the two “rings” would be brought back into a hinge and thumb-lift.

    I have tried searching for companies or people that might make something like this, but can not find any. I would be willing to use a “stock” set, perhaps used on another round stein, and i would simply make the body and neck that size, but I can not find anyone that sells just the hinge, rings and thumb-lift.

    I plan on making at least 100 of these steins, maybe more, but I need to find a source for the pewter fittings. Worst come to worst I could just use a hinge and thumb-lift without the protective rings, but I am afraid that the head coming down on the bottom might be too prone to chipping.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Jon “maddog” Hall
    Linux International

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    I don’t know and can’t answer; but, I see no one else has responded.
    Have you tried working with a company that makes complete steins, and submitting your design through them? I believe there are one or two that you can contact through the internet that do this. For example, did, I think, some recent SCI convention character steins. And I believe did some character steins for some microbreweries.
    A Linux Tux stein might be a successful offering. It could be a nice character stein.

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    Try contacting one of our members who does pewter repair.


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