Need Value Information on my Stein Collection

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    James Thomas

    I have several steins that I purchased while in the Air Force in the Late 60s and 70s stationed in Germany. If anyone can please help me put a value to them it would be greatly appreciated. I have taken photos of all of them. Thank you.Here is the link to my steins:

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    James, I wish I could tell you otherwise, but these steins have very modest value, perhaps between $5 and $10 each. They were originally sold as tourist souvenirs, and today their appeal is in their traditional decorative value.

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    Yes, your best bets are a garage sale or ebay. The catch with ebay is that the postage costs will be more than the value of the steins if you pack them properly. And otherwise they will break.

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    By the way, tourist souvenirs do acquire value eventually. But it seems to take at least a hundred years rather than 50 or so when it comes to beer steins

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