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    Jerry Berg

    Those of us who are current members of the Beer Stein Library will want to go to the Library’s <What’s New> page and read Frank’s message. For those who are not current members, sometime in the next week +/- the Library will cease to be members only and will be full access to all. At that time, read Frank’s message explaining why & what is happening.

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    Hate to see the loss of this resource. Is there any way for this resource to be acquired by SCI?

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    Hey to all followers of the Library site,
    as the former head of the german golf archive in cologne, germany, I’ve started the search at your fine website “golf sport” – and the research pointed out: NO identified relation…

    It would be great to get any actual information inside the linked community of SCI – german or europe region preferred – regarding golf related Steins in your various collections !

    Hope to find supporting reactions and may thanks for sharing your knowledge in advance,

    Kuno Schuch

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      You should have started a new thread. Sports Illustrated had an article on Rare Golf Steins in Nov. 8, 1954. If you Google it, you should be able to view it on-line.

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