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    I’ve purchased a few antique glass steins that I intend to use instead of display. They’re pretty common S√§chsiche Glasfabrik steins from pre-1930. Most of them have a loose strap which is annoying when you’re trying to drink out of them.

    Is there a source of information on what I can do to tighten them? I know there are places I can send them for repair, but their value doesn’t really warrant that. I’ve tried some brute force methods on my ‘test’ stein and that doesn’t seem to work. I’m beginning to think that heating them up is my only option…but looking for some type of guidance.


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    If you don’t want to pay for a repair, have you tried stuffing something (like paper) under the strap to stabilize it? You could also try putty, but it will be hard to remove later on.

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    Thanks Ron. I have tried toothpicks, etc to hold it, but it just seems to stretch the tin instead of tightening it. Since these are for visitors to drink out of I suppose a little epoxy might do the trick. I don’t plan on re-selling these.

    Appreciate the tip!

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    Richard Walter

    I put a little white glue under the strap. It will dry clear and holds the strap in place.

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