Original or Spray Painted??

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    I came across this German Stein today. I have never seen one like this, it looked liked it had been spray painted with copper spray paint! I asked the antique dealer if it was painted or was it original. Answer was Original and Old. I have no reason to believe he wasn’t telling me the truth and is a reputable seller. Any body seen one like this and any knowledge behind the copper look? I didn’t buy it, but wondering if I should have. These are all the pictures that I took. Thanks in advance for the information.

    Cooper Beer Stein
    Cooper Stein side view

    Copper Stein bottom

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    One more photo of the inside lid.
    Inside Lid

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    This is Reinhold Hanke mold 1139. This is what The Beer Stein Library has to say about it:

    “Central image taken from a painting by Friedrich Prölß (1855-1934).

    “Geh’ setz di her.” (Come sit here.)
    “Ein froher Gast ist Niemands Last.” (A happy guest is no one’s burden.)

    A variation of this stein is known to exist with copper plating applied by L.Thannemann & Cie, a Munich finishing shop and distributor.”

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    Ron, thanks for the information and education. I had no idea this would’ve been talked about in the Beer Stein Library in one of the manufacturer catalogs. I looked it up and you nailed it (once again). The more and more I collect, the more I realize how much I don’t know. Thanks again.

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      Go to steveonsteins and read his article “Copper Clad”, AKA: “Bronzed” Beer Steins.There is more to learn. You passed on a good one, but so would I before reading this article.

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    Ron, I looked up the article from Steveonsteins. Very interesting read. I am hoping I can still find this seller and make the purchase! Thanks again!!! Rob

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