Original Porcelin Regimental Steins 1901-1909

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    Dale Curtis

    I have a collection of original porcelain steins with various dates ranging from
    1900-1909. Any ideas out there as to what they may be worth? My grandfather was Lt.Col. in the Army stationed in Germany, and brought lots of stuff back.

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    Dale Curtis

    I should add that they are all Regimental.

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    John Piet

    For the most part, the value of a regimental stein is based what military unit is associated with the stein. You can start by looking through the old auction catalogs at tsaco.com. The best way to determine value is to contact a stein auction company.

    However, the first thing you should do is to make sure they are not reproductions. See the articles on regimental steins in this site’s Reading Room. Also, there are three articles on reproductions at steveonsteins

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    Dale Curtis

    Thanks for the info, John

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