Please help me to identify glass stein

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    Carlynn Chironna

    Good day. Thank you so much for offering your help to folks like me who inherit a stein and know nothing about steins!
    My clear glass stein is about 6 inches tall and about 4 inches wide at its widest point (including handle). It has a pewter (?) top with a (hand?)painted porcelain (?) lid. The image is of a bearded man with a pipe in his mouth and a very wide, thin mustache. He is wearing a blue coat, and a green hat with a red feather. He holds out his left forefinger, on which stands a tiny woman. She is wearing a yellow skirt, white apron, and red blouse and hose. She is looking at a tiny man (or maybe a bird with a man’s head?), dressed in white, who crouching is in a (bird?)cage.
    On the inside of the lid is written
    “Alle Pfaffen müssen heiraten, ausgenommen Biezenegen, die schon zu alt find.”
    The stein itself has no mark that I can find. It has considerable wear on the bottom, and inside the bottom there are apparent straw marks, as in vintage pressed glass.
    Does anyone in this community know how old this stein might be? Any information you can offer about it will be very much appreciated.
    Thank you so much.

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    Glass steins are seldom marked so it is difficult to tell who or when they were made. Your stein is probably pressed glass. These pressed glass steins with an inset porcelain lid are inexpensive and well-used from drinking beer. They are favorites for your bar and typically displayed upside down with the lid open and hanging over the shelf or mantle so the scene on the lid can be seen. There is even a German book showing the typical scenes for the porcelain lid inserts. I did not see the scene you described. A photo might draw further information.

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    Carlynn Chironna

    Thank you so much, Ron. I thought I HAD attached a photo! Your info helps. I can see why such a stein would be displayed in that way. The lid is the most attractive part of it.

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