Possibly a new Mettlach Book Stein?

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    Dear stein specialists,

    Looking through my Mettlach book stein collection one more time I found a stein that does not seem to be described in Steve’s and John’ fantastic article about the Book Stein Series. Is it possible that the series had 12 professions plus the Cornell stein? The book titles are all about chemistry. It does not have a clear letter at the bottom ( maybe it is the J that is missing) but all the other typical symbols are there. Just curious whether you have come across that before? I don’t think it has the original lid but the body is clearly different from the 11 others.

    Thanks Juergen

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    Ron Gray


    Take a look at Mario Pancino’s article in the December 1976 Prosit, in which he proposed the Cornell Book Stein may have been made available for students in which the books could be individualized to their major. Can you provide photos of your stein? You should consider contacting Mario. He is listed in the SCI Directory.

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    juergen voegele


    thanks very much for this helpful response. So it is possible that I have a Cornell Stein but without the original lid.

    I find it difficult to attach photos on this website. Much simpler to send via whatsapp. If you can send me a quick message to this number 202 390 5195 I will send some photos right away.

    much appreciated, Juergen

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    See if the Web Master can help you post them. That way more people can see them for a better chance for an answer.

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    Hi Ron it just takes too much time. But your response was very helpful. I think you are right.

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    Hi Ron

    How can i access the directory to contact Mario?

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    Are you an SCI member? If not, i will invite Mario to visit SteinTalk.

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    Thanks Ron, i have an account but haven’t used it in a while so need to reset password etc. im traveling atm so will get back to it when I’m back


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    Steve Steigerwald

    Juergen- There were 3 different Cornell book steins that I am aware of- engineering, liberal arts and natural sciences. You can tell the bodies apart from the normal book steins by the magenta coloration on the base and handle (as opposed to the dark blue on the series) and by the words to the Cornell song written on the top band which is gray (not dark blue). I would be very interested in seeing photos and a list of the books on the stein. If you could send them to me at sassteins@aol.com, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Steve

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      juergen voegele

      thanks very much for your reply, I just sent you pics of the stein.

      best, Juergen

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    I have logged back in thanks to John’s very helpful support, have read Marios article and have sent him pics. Curious to see whether anyone has seen this one before. I find it particularly amusing that one of the books on this stein is ‘Der Stein der Weisen’ by Basilius Valentinus which was the bible for Alchemists in the 16th century. They believed if they would find this stone they could turn every other material into gold.


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