Question on authenticity of 783 stein

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    I have purchased this stein with mold number 783, listed in Mettlach catalog as a V & B. My question is, did this manufacturer ever leave off the Abby symbol and date codes?
    Below is link to pictures

    Thank you for responses


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    The Essential Mettlach Marks can be viewed by going to the Reading section and scrolling down the list. Sometimes you can date the stein from the Mercury mark. Your link did not get posted so we can’t view the mark on your stein. The Beer Stein Library (included in the Reading section list) has a catalog of Mettlach steins, including various form 783 steins.

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    Yes, this is an earlier Mettlach. The typography of the numerals is not what we usually see on Mettlach wares, but is typical of the earlier pieces. I have the same stein with a different inlaid lid, but the inlay on your stein is entirely appropriate.

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    Thank you Walt and Ron, my authenticity is verified. The numbers didn’t look right to me either and that was my main concern.


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