question on pewter marks

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    Matthew Whelan

    marks on pewter

    Trying again, so sorry if I’m not posting picture properly. I am curious as to what these three marks represent, my research has failed to find anything yet. Appreciate any help from the stein community


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    I had to right click on your image and copy and paste the address to open the picture. One touchmark identifies the guild and city, another touchmark identifies the pewterer. The third mark may indicate purity or the fact it is lead free. The marks don’t show up in the book I have on pewter. Try an on-line source, such as Identify the city first and then the pewterer. The city might have its coat-of-arms on the touchmark. Good luck.

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    Matthew Whelan


    A member from the Pewter Society helped with identifying the maker; Johann Wilhelm Scheuckert from Dresden was master in 1821 and guild was formed in 1703.
    Mystery solved but once again thanks for your help


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