Questions re Schierholz Skull on Book Stein

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    Skull on Book Stein

    I have a Skull on Book character stein (see photograph). I believe it to be a Schierholz Catalog No X7 from the early 1900s.

    All of the others of these that I’ve seen, other than my own, have lids with bisque inlays matching the bisque of the skull. Mine has an all-pewter lid. The Beer Stein Library shows only a bisque inlaid lid for this stein and does not say anything about variations with an all-pewter lid.

    Yet, the lid seems to be original to the stein. There are absolutely no signs of it being a replacement.

    So, my questions are:
    (1) Is the stein in fact a Schierholz X7?
    (2) Is the lid original or a replacement?
    (3) Were there variations known to come from the factory with an all-pewter lid?
    (4) Are there other existing examples of this?
    (5) If the lid is indeed original, is my all-pewter lid example rare? If so, would it command a premium price or do these sell for less than the inlaid lid ones?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    The expert on Schierholz seems to have been Steve Morris. Unfortunately, he passed at the beginning of the year. I did find an article on a Skull stein in the June 1981 Prosit, page 796, entitled An Unusual Skull Character Stein with Red Devil Handle by Mark Durban. That is not your stein, but it does have a flat pewter lid. The porcelain insert lid is what you usually find and what collectors want. What you have would be rare, but I’m not sure it adds any, if much, value. You might want to check with Ron Fox as he knows a lot about Schierholz too.

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    Thanks Ron.

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