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    Scott Jahnke

    Hello, I once posted a stein/mug on ebay a few years ago for $100 and within an hour I was contacted by a gentleman, who’s name I dont recall but said he was an author of a stein book or catalog and had recommended that I remove it as it was very old and very rare and worth only what an auction would bring….Well I to this day have never seen another one….it is a Bayrisch Bock .4L with enamel lettering…..Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. If you were to google the name…the image shows up in the top left corner…

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    The German brewery steins would be of more interest and value in Germany. I suggest you try to find a site in Germany that specializes in brewery steins. You also might want to contact the site that has the photo you referenced, http://www.mugmeister.com/mugmuseum.htm. This may be the person that contacted you.

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