Real or Fake?

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    Ford Dwyer

    These two similar part wood, part pewter steins in the Ebay links below are from different dealers, but have the same title. Both are out of my price range, but (for my education) I was wondering if they were real.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ford Dwyer

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    Ford Dwyer
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      SteinTalk says there are three posts, but I only see two posts.

      When you say Real or Fake, are you referring to the product or the price? It is hard to imagine that someone would go to the trouble to make something that obviously looks old (patina, aged wood and closed hinge) to scam somebody of a little money. The one has touchmarks, so you should be able to verify an era when it was made. I don’t know if the prices are reasonable. You could check some recent stein catalogs. St. Lousis Silver Co. made similar steins, circa 1900, but they used silver for the metal rather than pewter. If you look at their prices, they will not be a good comparison to these steins. Obviously, one seller copied the other seller’s description. Or maybe they both did.

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      Ford Dwyer


      When I am asking if it is real, I am asking about the authenticity of the product. I have read articles from members of Stein Collectors International warning buyers of elaborate fakes. However, if anyone wishes to opine on value, that would be interesting as well.

      To respond to your first point: one of my posts failed, so you probably cannot see anything from that attempt. But anyway, thank you for your help.

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