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    Dave Demoret

    I have two steins my father brought back from Germany @ 1946 or so. They have pictures in the bottom if you open the lids and hold them up to a light to see them. Are they of any value at all or should I just throw them away? Both have a chip on the bottom and one has a damaged lid. I have pictures I can send if any interest at all. An eMail would be appreciated if possible.

    Thank you for any information, good or not.

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    Walter Vogdes

    The “pictures in the bottom” are called lithopanes. They are made in porcelain completely by controlling the thickness of the porcelain, so that light passing through it is darker in thicker areas, lighter in thinner areas. See the article on “Lithophanes” in the Reading Room.

    From your description it is impossible to say how old your steins are, what type they are, or what decorative theme they use. Lithophanes are commonly found in regimental steins as well as occupational steins, but are not limited to those types. And the “chip in the bottom” cannot be evaluated without photos. All of these factors impact value. There are instructions for adding photos in the link at the top of this page.

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    Walter Vogdes

    One correction to my post – the article about adding photos is at the top of the SteinTalk page.

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