Reinhold Hanke Character Stein Cavalier

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    Sharon K George

    I have a question about one of the Rinehold Hanke Character Steins. I own a Cavalier character Stein that I inherited from my Grandmother. It is the #204 style. I was wonder why I can’t find anything on this stein. I did see the old catalog with his picture, but beside the picture it says needs picture. Is this stein rare? I had it appraised with an online appraiser. I don’t think the appraisal was accurate. Is there anything you can tell me about my stein.

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    The photo can be seen in The Beer Stein Library. That site will have free access in about a week. The value in mint condition is $250-350 in a stein auction, Keep in mind that the auction company gets about 1/3 of the selling price. The price on ebay would be at the lower end or less. If you go to Translations Illustrated you may be able to find a translation for the verse.

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      Sharon K George

      Thanks a lot Ron. I appreciate your input. I had the stein appraised with an online appraiser. They gave me an appraisal of $80.00 which I thought was very low. Glad I ask. Thanks again. Sharon

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