Replica or Original Capodimonte Stein

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    Scott Yates

    Hi folks,

    My wife just picked up this Capodimonte style stein and I’m trying to find out some more about it. I’ve seen a few similar ones on the web, but with enough variation that I’m not sure. There are no markings anywhere (I know most Capodimonte are marked). I’m curious to see how old it might be, is it worth anything, etc. It’s in very good shape, but the lid is a little loose and there are a couple small cracks on the bottom rim. It measures 9″ to the top of the helmet and 4″ across. Not sure if it’s a 1/2 or 1 liter size. Pictures are posted here:

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    These steins using soft past porcelain with or without markings are all Capo di Monte style steins as the original royal factories are not known to have ever manufactured steins. Often they will feature the blue Fluer de Lis and Fluer de Lis over N markings used by the original factories but they are in fact not from those factories. The Capo di Monte style steins can be difficult to date but this appears to be a relatively modern one. The value on one like this can vary considerably. There are a couple of articles on these style steins in the Stein of the Month section on this site.

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