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    I recently purchased a stein from Fox Auctions as a Christmas gift for one of my children. Now to learn the history of this stein, and after some searching I located in Steve’s Stein Talk a reference to “Steins by Freidrich van Hauten” by Ron Fox and John Lamb. Also found on Steve’s, Excerpts from an article published in “Prosit” on F. van Hauten by Walt Voges, SCI M.S. (No date provided) I then accessed the Prosit directory and found that that article was published in the June 2003 issue.

    Now, how do I find a copy of that article (s). I can find no means on the Prosit site to do this. I tried search and got the same directory reference. Am I simply making a mistake or are older articles not available on the Prosit site.

    I also tried google, but again only got references to the article. Also, Steve offered a link to that article, but the site did not respond.

    Unfortunately, my membership is later, so my Prosit library does not go that far back.

    Thank you, Karl Schmitt, St. Louis Gateway Steiner’s.

    Mettlach #280 POG 1/2L. Blind Scales of Justice. Van Hauten. Appears to be a “general purpose stein body which was sold to a “decorator”.

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    Karl – Unfortunately there are still a few years of Prosit not on the website. I have the June 2003 issue and will send you a copy of the article.

    Steve Breuning

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    In your case, van Hauten was the decorator of your stein. If you know the year the stein was made, you will have an idea of whether the father or son was in charge of the firm when it was decorated. For more information on van Hauten, visit

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    Hi and thanks to S Breuning and Ron (I assume Fox) for your reply.
    Ron, I have visited the Steinmarks site and read the history available. This I will copy for the folder which I build for when I purchase a stein as a gift, which in this case I did. As for the Mettlach build date, 1892.

    Steve, my e-mail address is My postal address is; 203 Dehner Road, Hillsboro, MO 63050.

    I will reimburse any postal expense you might occur.

    Thank you, Karl J. Schmitt St. Louis Gateway Steiner’s.

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    Karl –

    It’s in the mail.


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