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    Jayne Gier

    Our grandfather left several steins but the one I’m most interested in is a Reinhold Merkelbach with the RM in a Star of David and the numbers 842. I could not find it in the RM catalog online. I appreciate your help.

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    Can you post photos?

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    Jayne Gier

    I messaged them in the SCI messenger. Is there an easier way? Thanks.

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    John Piet

    I have no idea what SCI messenger is. If you are referring to Facebook, then tell us where to find them there, i.e. date, poster name. If you cannot post pictures, then give us more information about the stein, i.e any text, and description of the scenes shown. The star of David is probably the symbol used by brewers with no Jewish connotation.

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    Merkelbach mold 842 isn’t in TBSL and I haven’t found it anywhere else so we’ll need photos to help.

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    Jayne,Les Hopper’s book of Beer Stein Marks shows your logo on page 12.

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