Schultz and Dooley–mark on Dooley

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    Ken S

    I know absolutely nothing about the Schultz and Dooley steins. I have acquired a unmatched set (Schultz is King but Dooley is Gerz) with some other steins. I have not been able to locate the following mark anywhere on any of the sites about Dooley–it does not have a base marking at all, not incised, printed, even worn off that I can tell. What seems different to me is that it is marked GERZ underneath the capacity mark of 0,5 L on the side (left of the handle if looking from the handle). Has anyone seen the GERZ mark in this location before or would anyone care to refer me to someone who may know? Thx, Ken

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    Ken S

    I realize I left out that it is also marked in very small caps under the handle W. GERMANY.

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    Did you review Schultz & Dooley info on The Beer Stein Library (see Reading Room)? Gerz was the manufacturer in 1982-3. If you want to collect them, the first editions are the ones to collect.

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    Ken S

    I did Ron, but cannot find this marking anywhere. Again, no markings on the bottom either so it does not fit into the usual Dooley descriptions. Do you know of anyone who specializes in these that may be able to shed more light on this?

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