set of six steins and pitcher "791"

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    How can I determine the value of a set of six steins and a pitcher that look to be a set. The steins all have 791 on the bottom. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Well, if you can provide photo’s here you can get some advice about your steins. Without photos we are completely unable to even guess. The number you see only helps if there are other distinctive marks and sometimes not even then. You need to put the photo’s somewhere on the internet and then post links to them.

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    I’ve taken pictures. Can I email them to you?

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      I’m just one guy and not the most expert at that. If you put them up on Picassa or Facebook or any of hundreds of photo sites then post the links here, a number of experts can take a look and perhaps be able to help you.

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    Here is a link to the photos: These pictures are just an attempt to display what I have. They don’t show every little flaw. And I’m sure that would be necessary to determine a value. The handle of the pitcher has been repaired, one of the steins has been as well, and another stein’s lid is loose and slides down the handle. Those are the only things that I see. I would be very interested in your opinion. Thank you in advance.

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    Now we can see what you are asking about. Certainly it appears to be a fine, old salt glazed stoneware drinking set of six steins and a master stein. These are collectable; but, not as high priced as some other kinds of steins. I do not see any manufacturer’s marks in the photos. SteinTalk is not a fast paced chat; but, some other active members are likely to be able to tell you more, and perhaps ask some detailed questions, if you are patient.

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    Thank you. I updated the photos to show the handle of the master stein as well as a better view of the bottom of the master and also the bottom of one of the steins.

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    Identified marking on bottom of stein as that of Reinhold Merkelbach.

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    Suggested that this mark not used after 1908.

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    I have located the catalogue of this design of large stein or jug here:
    It is a Simon Peter Gerz.
    The marking on the small stein does look like the Reinhold Merkelbach mark, although some sources give a longer period for its use.
    I am wondering though if Merkelbach made a postwar version of either the small or larger steins for the German market? Someone more expert will need to comment.

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    Thank you very much for your help. Is there anywhere I can take these to have them appraised?

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      You have a large master stein made by Gerz and six smaller steins made by Reinhold Merkelbach, 1882-1933 based on the mark. The damage to the handle of the large stein will reduce its value considerably. If the 2,5 L salt glaze stein were in mint condition, its value would be in the range of $125 to $175, but the auction house would get about a 1/3 of that value to cover their costs. I don’t know that RM has a master stein to go with your six mold 791 steins. If they don’t, you will have a hard time selling them as a package. You can try contacting one of the stein auction companies listed under sites of interests.

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    Thanks Ron.

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