Silver and Ivory Steins – Lets discuss

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    JUST LOOKING FOR SOME DISCUSSION HERE ON THESE INTERESTING PIECES. My story: So for over than a year now, I have seen these steins for sale and I have never gotten the courage to go up to this individual who was selling them (knowing they were WAY OVER my price range to even have an discussion) and inquire about them. Well today was the day I was feeling a little brave. All I know is they are real silver and ivory, year early 1800s? For both pieces, the price was enough to buy a brand new 2020 economy car. The pictures here are the only ones I have because I didn’t want to intrude too much on the nice gentleman who was selling them. I would like to start a discussion, not necessary directed to me, but just among the experts on here about these two pieces. Anything goes. Looking forward to reading the history lessons! Thanks in advance. Rob

    Both Steins
    Tall Stein
    Small Stein

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    Ron Gray


    Silver and Ivory are two of the most expensive materials for making steins. Go to steveonsteins for more information. Also, there are about six articles in Prosit on ivory. Just go to the cumulative index and search for ivory using the Google “Find” option.

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    Super nice steins!!! Something a very wealthy person would own. My guess would be $4 to $8 K. Market is really low right now but these are works of art.

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